November, 2016

Sherry ZimmermanThis year is coming to a rapid close, which means my leadership is almost behind you. Take a deep breath, a sigh of relief, the club is still together. I have found this membership the body of its members to be strong, committed, funny and very open-minded, which is always interesting, & exciting. Our personalities, our diversities keeps ideals coming forward, keeps us rolling on the roads to new destinations, keeps us building together, and most of all keeps our club growing. Be sure if at all possible to attend the November Meeting on Saturday the 12th. We have a lot on the agenda that requires your attention & involvement such as:

– Secret Voting Ballots collected for your choice for someone to receive “ The Harold
Coker Good Guy Award”

 Voting on our Officers that have been contacted & have agreed to serve in 2017

 Open Nominations from the floor & voting by secret ballot, (only if different than those your committee of the last five presidents have selected & have had discussions with, & provided that person has agreed to serve)

– Registration Forms & Payments collected to attend the Christmas Party

– Recap this year’s fundraising monies that will be distributed to those charities we selected in 2016

 Open discussion from the floor on any topic about what mattered to you during 2016 (Questions & Answers)

 Reporting on our 2017 annual week’s trip to Grand Rivers, Kentucky next April 19– 24

 Auction Results

 Entertainment (close your eyes & you may hear the ghost of Patsy Cline)

Our Annual Auction in October brought in an estimated $430.00 (dollars) to pay towards our expenses for the Christmas Party. Our attendance was very low, unforeseen conflicting factors on the same week-end contributed to the low turnout. Much appreciation is given to those that brought items, and to those that purchased. Thank you Jim Brown for making it a fun evening with your style of being the Auc-tioneer, in spite of the last minute notice, Jim was there to help when needed.

If you have signed up for set/up & clean/up duties for a month be sure to arrive around 5:30pm, take stock of our supplies, make sure we have plenty of forks, spoons, knives, napkins, plates, cups, drinks, tablecloths for each meeting. Also, it is your responsibility if you can’t attend the meeting, but sign up to serve, make sure you have found a replacement to cover for you, and the burden don’t fall on a few.

Share this Prayer for Thanksgiving and life:
Thank you Lord, for my many gifts and blessings every day. For peace, freedom and the right to worship as I may. For the food that lends me life and my shelter during the night. For work, play and the happi-ness, that make my burdens light. For family, and friends old and new, and for brotherhood with man. For faith, hope, and everything I borrow from your hand. God Bless Our Country.

All of you I hope to see November 12th.
Sherry Zimmerman